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Finished the Hawaiian tree!

After four days of effort, I finished Duolingo's Hawaiian tree! Firstly, a sincere thank you to Duolingo and the Kamehameha Schools of Hawai'i for putting up a reliable online outlet, so the general public may learn some 'Ōlelo Hawai'i! Mahalo!

Here are some thoughts:

At the moment, this tree is NOT a reliable tree to attain even proficiency in Hawaiian. I still do not feel I know much Hawaiian; I was able to do the tree after extraordinarily little exposure to the language, with some temporary memorization and problem-solving skills in toe. If you actually want to attain an intermediate knowledge of the Hawaiian language, take notes from the lessons, and utilize Tinycards and Quizlet often.

Also, translations were A MESS. I understand that Hawaiian, like many languages, is very contextual, and therefore words mean different things at different times -- however, this was no excuse for the confusing translations.

I will say that the sound is genuine speakers of Hawaiian, not robots, which enabled pronunciation to be easy. And I am being slightly unjust anyway -- this language was nearly dead fifty years ago; I cannot expect a language learning outlet to do a perfect job teaching it!

Overall, this tree is a hot mess, and very easy; yet I felt the pride of finishing a language tree for a language that only so many speak. Duolingo provided a glimpse into what once was the language spoken by all the Kingdom of Hawaii, and for that, I raise my glass.

January 27, 2019



I suggest immersing yourself in the lessons, instead of breezing through it. Mango Languages does a great job by providing an olelo program, but if anyone legitimately wishes to persevere through the hawaiian language check out this website:


Another helpful resource to get involved with the revitalization of the hawaiian islands is Oiwitv. Oiwitv helps with those learning and want to know a little more about what hawaiian media looks like.

Hope This Helps :)


The Hawaiian tree is sort of short, try leveling everything up to the gold tier.


True. I'm focusing on Japanese and French now, but if I have time, I will! And yes, I did post the same thing twice, accidentally. LOL.


yea it is kind of short


It kinda breaks my heart that Klingon is longer than both Hawaiian and Navajo. Still, I'm glad to know that SOMEONE is attempting to keep these languages, and cultures, alive. I'm happy to invest my time and energy into what Duolingo has to offer.


Oh, how correct you are! While I'm all pro-fandom, Navajo and Hawaiian were once thriving languages -- the native tongues of millions, even! And now, they've been nearly diminished.


Congrats! And thanks for the info. I realize that I will not be even close to fluent in this language when I have finished this course, and I most likely will never make it to Hawaii, but I love the language and the Hawaiian music. And in my Hula dance course we are using Hawaiian as much a possible. It‘s adding a lot to the atmosphere. So... thanks, Duolingo, for this language course!


Yes! And that's fantastic that you're learning hula, Hawaiian must certainly enhance that experience. :)​


You did notice the big tag saying "In beta", right? It is still being worked on.
So yes, there is definitely still a lot to be desired, but I am hopeful that the tree will improve in the future. The translations ar a bit exact, I agree, and I hope they make them more forgiving over time. I also hope the voiceovers become more complete later on, but I'm not pushing, quality over quantity and patience is a virtue. If it means they can keep up the quality, I'm fine with waiting a bit.
I say the current state of the course is clearly unfinished, but promising. :)

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    Thank you! Your similarity in level in a multitude of languages is highly satisfying.




    If you'd like to get a better understanding of Hawaiian, I believe Mango Languages has a decent course over there.


    Thanks for the recommendation. Mango is PRICEYYYYYYYY and my library card has expired, so I'll have to get that sorted out later.


    You are able to do it for free (for a while), I believe I am at least to a point, but if you do get it sorted, I did manage to get quite a lot of Scottish Gaelic knowledge on there. Beannachd.


    mahaloʻia! Maikaʻi kau hana!


    congrats! now you gotta get to level 5 on every skill which is what im trying to do right now


    Luckily, I have a Hawaiian-English Dictionary and Hawaiian Audio CDs from a Hawaiian friend. Barnes & Nobel doesn't carry any Hawaiian language books.


    I hate that i can't get a na kai ewalu handbook, which can only be bought through University of Hawaii. I'm still waiting to get mine.... it's been three months and i ordered for one week shipping. I think it's my fault since i ordered it during hurricane season xD

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