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Issue with Duolingo assignments

I'm sure somebody else has brought this up before but I couldn't find it in the search: Everything is buggy with regards to giving assignments and students completing them or knowing what to do.

Here's how it's supposed to be: I assign my classroom for them to level up a skill on Duolingo, and they have the time from when I assign it to when it's due to bring their Crown level up 1 point. If they do it, Duolingo should mark it as complete.

Here's how it is for me and my students: I assign my classroom to level up a skill. Even if they do it, Duolingo's server or whatever doesn't recognize it. Let's take an example: my student has two assignments missing, People 4 and Fashion. She then finishes Fashion, but then it marks her as having finished People 4 but NOT having done Fashion: a clear bug!

I'm just a bit frustrated with how buggy Duolingo is. It makes it impossible for me as a teacher to know when students have done work or not. I also do not appreciate how they changed what Duolingo counts as having done the lesson, without notifying me as an educator.

If anybody could provide some clarity on this issue, I'd greatly appreciate it. The forums make it seem like nobody is having any issues whatsoever.

January 28, 2019



If you don't receive an answer in this discussion forum, then you can email Schools' support staff at teachers@duolingo.com


I would like to piggyback on this post, as I've also been noticing this problem within the XP assignments.

Example: I assign 50XP a week to my kiddos. One student had failed to complete the work for a previous assignment, so he completed approximately 100XP in order to complete the current week's assignment and make up the previous week's missed work.

In his student info, it states that he has completed the current assignment, but only gave him 41XP for the previous one he had made up. When checking his activity log, it is clear that he has done more than the required XP to make up the missed assignment, but those lessons do not show up within the assignment progress, only in his activity log.

This is just the most recent case of the Activity Log and the Assignments not keeping tempo with each other. I have had quite a few kiddos who've had this problem in the previous months.


Interesting that your post was written one year ago, and the problems remain the same. It's very frustrating. There doesn't seem to be any answers from Duolingo, just everyone giving their opinions in the forum. It's been very time consuming trying to research the problems.

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