早发白帝城/李白 Homeward bound on a light boat though the most magnificent gorges

Chinese poem illustration.

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A homeward bound poem written in his last 3 years lifetime. It is one of the masterpiece with typical Chinese writing technique of 寓情于景, which is writing about surrounding views , reflecting the feeling of a person (normally the poet himself)through the views.

It is still hard to imagine how Li Bai can write this magnificent and joyful masterpiece , in a very poor condition , in his late years. I can only contribute this to the unique characteristics of Li Bai and the great time of prosperous Tang period, a strong dynamic country, with a mixture of culture and people, ambitious and capable people with a innocent heart.

归/还 is further explored per the different images and associated Chinese classic value.

早发白帝城 李白

朝辞白帝彩云间, 千里江陵一日还。 两岸猿声啼不住, 轻舟已过万重山。

2 weeks ago

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Is he joyful? 其实李白最经常很伤心。他总是说“送别”。你同意吗?

1 week ago
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