Duolingo is the most popular way to learn languages in the world. Best of all, it's 100% free!


Praise & Worship is great for language learning, too!

I am not intending to start any sort of theological discussions here. While I'm never one to back down from some good, deep, meaningful and respectful theological discussions, duolingo is not the place for such things. However, I just want to share one of my new favourite ways to practice and learn Spanish and French. If you aren't a Christian, I accept and acknowledge your belief. Kindly respect mine in return.

I'm a Church kid through and through. The singing bible, VeggieTales, and Hillsong CDs were my childhood and even though I'm an adult now, I still love praise and worship music. I'm a Praise and Worship junkie, admittedly, but there are still some songs that those who don't listen to Matt Redman on a regular basis might still be familiar with.

Christianity's obsession with spreading the gospel into all corners of the world has worked for the benefit of linguists in the past, and it can benefit those of us who are learning languages, too. If you attend a contemporary church with any sort of regularity, there are going to be songs that you are quite familiar with in English. Luckily, the most famous of those songs have been translated into other languages.

Another advantage to using Praise & Worship music as opposed to pop music is that it was written to be easy to play and easy to sing along to. A lot of the time it's slower and clearer than other genres. This is great under normal circumstances, but even better when in a language you aren't familiar with.

Also, if you are already familiar with the English versions of these songs, you'll have an even easier time of working out the words to these songs.

If you have Spotify, do a quick search for "Hillsong Global Project" and you've got access to a dozen or so songs in nine languages (Portuguese, Indonesian, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Mandarin, Russian and Swedish), most of which you are guaranteed to find a corresponding English song that has also come out of the mighty Hillsong Church. Songs like "Mighty to Save", "Our God is Able", "Hosanna", "Stronger" and "Forever Reign".

Also, here's some links to a few others:

Blessed Be Your Name: English // Español

How Great is Our God: English // Español

Mighty to Save: English // Español

Above All: English // Español

Forever: English // Español

Hosanna (In the Highest - Hillsong): English // Español

That's plenty for now. If you're having a hard time finding a specific song in Spanish, let me know and I'll do my best to help you find it.

Remember that these translations aren't word for word - they're pretty close sometimes, but not always. For example, "Bendito seas tú" means "Blessed are you," rather than "Blessed be your name". The next line, "En la tierra de plenitud" is much closer to the English version, "in the land that is plentiful." The translator has tried to stay as close to the original meaning as possible, while also fitting in the right number of syllables and rhymes required of song lyrics.

I hope this helps at least a handful of people. :) I know it's not going to appeal to everyone, but I personally find this helpful so I figured I'd share. :)

4 years ago