"She is in the room."

Translation:वह कमरे में है।

January 28, 2019

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Why is this कमरे and not कमरा?


Because it is followed by the postposition में, nouns change into the oblique form when followed by a postposition, changing कमरा (masculine singular nouns) into कमरे में, कमरे (masculine plural nouns) into कमरों में, feminine singular nouns like किताब stay the same, feminine plural nouns like किताबें become किताबों में. (There are many postpositions, just using में as an example)


What' the oblique form?


Is there a reason why this is not उस कमरे में है? Wouldn’t the post position में change the वह to उस?


वह changes to उस when the noun is followed by a postposition. Since it's कमरे that's followed by a postposition, that's the word that becomes oblique (कमरा becoming कमरे,) no change happens to वह. उस कमरे में = in the/that room, so उस कमरे में है = it's in the room (है meaning "it is" here.) The room is in her = कमरा उसमें है, because "her" is followed by a postposition, वह becomes उस​, and there is no change to कमरा.


So the word कमरे denotes that the subject is feminine?


Does वह have to come before कमरे में? When I positioned it between कमरे में and है, I was marked wrong.


Yes she is the subject of the sentence and must come first.


Is that idiomatic, then? 'कमरे में दो आदमी हैं' has the subject 'दो आदमी' and it comes after 'कमरे में.' Also, grammatically speaking, in the sentences like 'घर में तीन दीवारें हैं,' the item (तीन दीवारें) that, in translation, is the object is actually the subject.


'कमरे' is not singular noun, when subject was singular, complement follow type of singular. She is singular noun. Why is 'कमरे ' coming in the complement plural even though the subject is singular?


See Zerenei's comments above about the oblique form of nouns, "nouns change into the oblique form when followed by a postposition"


यह was one of the options. Since we don't know whether she's close to us or far away, why isn't यह कमरे में है correct?

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