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  5. "Now you rest."

"Now you rest."

Translation:अब तुम आराम करो ।

January 28, 2019



The pronounciation of "अब" is wrong. Itis not pronounced as "ab" as in "apple"


Yeah, I noticed that aswell.


Would it be wrong to switch the order of तुम and अब?


No, I did that and it worked for me.


Why does it say अब तू आराम करो is wrong? Must I use तुम instead of तू?


When one uses तू - the sentence would be framed this way " अब तू आराम कर " This is colloquial. Like in French one gives permission to "tutoyer". तू is even shorter than तुम and both are correct. But the sentence modifies accordingly. Hope this helps.


If you're typing this answer instead of using the word bank, and want to use the intimate form of you, I think you would say "अब तू आराम करे". Someone please correct me if I am wrong.


Usually when you use तू you simply use the verb root, when you use तुम​ you add ओ to the root, and when you use आप​ you add इए to the root. Making this आप करिए, तुम करो, तू कर​


अब तू आराम कर। is correct. Not करे


It seems ambiguous that the sentence is looking for the imperative here. अब तुम आराम करे हो would seem to be a perfectly valid translation, if the intended meaning is "Now, you (do) rest" as opposed to "Now, you (must) rest"


I wrote अभी तुम आराम करो and it marked it as incorrect.

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