"Hakim memastikan hukum ini dilaksanakan."

Translation:Judges ensure this law is implemented.

January 28, 2019

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"Hukum" in this context should be "sentence" or "verdict", not "law". According to KBBI, "hukum" is interpreted as judgements by "hakim" or laws made by politicians. Judges are not lawmakers but law enforcers. Therefore, you can take the former meaning only.

"Memastikan" also supports my argument. "Memastikan" suggests that something has been validated or proven based on facts or evidence (i.e. confidence from an objective perspective). Meanwhile "meyakini" bears strong confidence based on personal/subjective belief. As judges are not involved in the legislative process, "Judges ensure this law is implemented" is a very unrealistic translation when you use "memastikan" instead of "meyakini". -- FYI: the abovementioned explanation about "memastikan" vs. "meyakini" is based on answers from native speakers. https://hinative.com/questions/18385013


Police enforce the laws and judges rule on questions of laws and renders decisions.

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