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  5. "How is the banana?"

"How is the banana?"

Translation:केला कैसा है?

January 28, 2019



Why don't you start the sentence with कैसा?


The interrogative words कैसा(when used as 'how'), क्यों('why'), कब('when'), कौन('who') and क्या (when used as 'what') always appear just before the verb in the sentence.

In this sentence, the verb is है.


When would you ask this? If the banana coulf be spoiled?


That or you are asking someone who is eating a banana how it tastes.


कैसा- to be pronounced as kaisa or kaesa ? I thought it was former but now I'm hearing as kaesa.


The ऐ vowel in कैसा is pronounced like the 'a' in 'bank'.

In contrast to Sanskrit and many other Indian languages where ऐ is pronounced 'ai' and औ as 'au', Hindi (with the exception of a few dialects) does not use diphthong pronunciations for these letters. They are still romanised as 'ai' and 'au' though.
(औ should be pronounced like the vowel in dawn)


Thank you. Can you please differentiate the pronounciation between ए and ऐ


ए is pronounced like in 'may' (in the Indian English pronunciation or other accents where it is pronounced with a single vowel). If you know a South Indian language (sorry if I'm wrong about the assumption), it is the same letter (with the same pronunciation) as ஏ/ఏ/ಏ /ഏ.

To distinguish the pronunciations, think of the word 'valet' as in valet parking. The first vowel is close to ऐ and the second to ए.


Thanks a lot.
I'm a south indian.
So the ए is e(ஏ) And ऐ is in somewhat inbetween a (அ) and எ(ae). Am I right.

I got your valet example.


Yes. I suppose you can say that. But note that ऐ is also a long vowel, not a short one.


The second one will be nearly ai(ஐ)


ऐ is supposed to be ஐ because it comes from the Sanskrit vowel that's pronounced the same way. However, the vowel has shifted in Hindi and is pronounced the way described above when in words.


I too am a south indian Telugu is my mother tongue


Tell me who is first person to ask how is banana

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