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  5. "यह एक अच्छी जगह है।"

"यह एक अच्छी जगह है।"

Translation:This is a nice place.

January 28, 2019



If जगह came before a word starting with क, ख, प, या फ, would it then become जगः?

Struggling to understand when visarga is used.


The visarga and its associated rules are a thing only in Sanskrit.

In Hindi, it appears only in words directly borrowed from Sanskrit (eg: अतः therefore, प्रातः-morning, पुनः-again). These words are typically written with the visarga to stay faithful to their Sanskrit spellings and the visarga is pronounced 'ah' (which is not really the Sanskrit pronunciation). The visarga is not replaced with a ह् in spelling.
There are a few exceptions like छह which is sometimes written छः though it is a word of Prakrit (and not direct Sanskrit) origin but this is pretty rare.
Also, in some words like दुःख (sorrow), the visarga is frequently dropped altogether in Hindi (and written दुख) though it's a Sanskrit word. This might have something to do with दुख being a fairly common word in Hindi.

जगह is not a Sanskrit word and as such, cannot have a visarga.

Note: Words directly borrowed from Sanskrit like the ones above are mostly only used in formal registers of Hindi and would be rare in the Hindi you hear on the street.


"This is one nice place"

No? Yes? Just tryna change it up but the AI overlord isn't having it

Like, "daamn, yaha ek accchhi jagah haiiii"


I have no idea if it does or not, but you should be careful about assuming nuanced meanings or colloquialisms/slang like 'one' for emphasis in this way translate well, or at all.


जगह jagehaa جایگاه is a persian loanword


Why 'this is a fine place' was rejected? अच्छा/अच्छी doesn't mean also 'fine'?


Baby is it: ye jagah acchi hai...


यह जगह अच्छी है ='This place is nice'


You teach so well. Are you a teacher? Tks for your help.


Why...that is a good place ...wrong?


'This'=यह and 'that'=वह.

Both can also be used to mean it/she/he but the former is used for nearer objects (physically or metaphorically) while the latter is used for farther ones.


"This is a good spot" was rejected


Happened to me too


It accepted "This is a good place." for me.

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