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"Ĉu vi povus malŝalti vian poŝtelefonon dum la vespermanĝo?"

Translation:Could you turn your cell phone off during dinner?

January 28, 2019



Here 'povus' means 'could', but in another sentence I saw that 'povis' meant 'could' as well. So what is the difference in meaning? In Dutch we use 'zou kunnen' for something that could possibly happen in the (near) future and 'kon' for something that possibly could have happened in the past. Is this also the case with 'povus' and 'povis'?


"Could" has two meanings in English.

  • povis - past tense
  • povus - conditional, contrary to fact.


Ne, mi ne povas malŝati mian poŝtelefonon dum la vespermanĝon!!!

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