The "Discussion" button at the bottom of each Russian question no longer seems to work (on my PC). It was extremely useful for whenever I didn't understand a particular choice of words, endings or phraseology.

I can still view old discussions (through email notifications), and can also go to the Discussion tab in the menu at the top of the page --just not the link at the bottom of the page for each question. Not sure what is causing this disconnect, or what to do about it; but I do miss it, as it was extremely helpful, many times answering long-standing questions that I didn't even know quite how to phrase.

January 28, 2019


Only Russian?

What about French or German?

January 29, 2019

Good question, .....had never tried it in those languages, as the structure and word usage are more familiar. .................But no, doesn't work there either.

January 30, 2019
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