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Arabic to English

I have a new student from Egypt. I was trying to help him set up his account today. He needs to type in Arabic for the pretest. How does he do that? I am relatively new to duolingo, so I might be missing something! Thanks

January 28, 2019



If he can do the lessons on the mobile app, it's super easy to add an Arabic keyboard (Egyptian Arabic is often available specifically as well) if he doesn't already have one for both English and Arabic , and at least Windows 10 devices have the capability to add an Arabic keyboard in the Language and Keyboard settings


I agree this is the most effective method if he doesn't have access to a physical Arabic keyboard and/or the PC configuration is locked so he can't add additional languages. Otherwise, virtual keyboard like the one provided by Google ta3reeb or Yamli can be used then copy-paste to Duolingo (on PC).

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