"I am not a prisoner!"

Translation:Saya bukan tahanan!

January 29, 2019

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Are tahanan and tawanan (in the hover translation) variants or is the latter just an error?


Actually, this is the only exercise I got with the tahanan variation. Otherwise tawanan was the only variant I was given in this lesson. Is one variant more colloquial than the other, like "cabai" vs. "cabe"? Or is it a regional thing?


No. Both "tawanan" and "tahanan" are not colloquial words like "cabe". They are just synonyms derived from different root words. And both are used frequently.

As we have learned "pertahanan" (defense), "tahan" basically means "withstanding" or "resistant" (e.g. tahan air = waterproof). "Menahan" means "to arrest" or "to restrain". So, the noun "tahanan" means "detainee" or "prisoner". Or, "tahanan" is more often used as "resistance" (synonym of "pertahanan") or "prison" (synonym of "penjara").

"Tawan" (or "menawan") means "to capture", "to seize (someone's asset)", or "to arrest". It doesn't necessarily mean the action of "tawan" is executed as per legal procedures. So, "tawanan" can be either "prisoner" or "hostage".


It's not an error.
tahanan = tawanan = narapidana

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