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  5. "Tú no corres."

" no corres."

Translation:You do not run.

April 7, 2013



But I said race, because this site previously told us that corro means run, race, flow!


I've never got creative with it and have only tried "run" for "correr".


I think your answer should be correct. If someone told Fernando Alonso, today you dont't race, it would be absolutelly correct to say:"hoy (tú) no corres".


Yeah, I never tried it with anything but run


why not "you are not running" i am wondering...


Because we're only learning the simple present tense, rather than the present progressive.


While this lesson may be in the present tense section, as I understand it, Spanish is not as strict with its tenses as other languages might be. Below is a chart I pasted for someone else in another discussion thread. You may find it useful, so I'm pasting it here again:

Most present tense verb forms have several equivalents in English. For example, the form hablo may be translated in numerous ways:

You will notice, if you visit the actual web page, that I added a little flair to it and corrected a typo. Other than that, it should be identical. The web page the chart above came from is below:

Present Tense

So, if duolingo doesn't accept "you are not running" as an alternative, it is a bit surprising. Then again, as elissaf1 has pointed out, this is from the

Verbs: Present 1

section of this course. Though you may be tested comprehensively when you do strengthening exercises, duolingo tends to stick pretty closely to the lesson topic within the lesson itself.

Hope that helps you in the future.

P.S. I notice that you are now at a Level 14 in Spanish (¡Enhorabuena!) so you may be well beyond anything I wrote in this post. If so, I hope it helps someone else.


NICE! thank you! well, 14 only through persistence and constant review. i keep starting over every now and then (and gold-up when indicated). my goal is to continue until i can spontaneously generate conversation. anyhow, thank you for sharing the chart and explanations!


Pronounciation is bad. "To ", should be pronounced "Tu".

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