"A canal of dirty water"

Translation:Mfereji wa maji machafu

January 29, 2019

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So ,I would like to know a list of "of "s , as in this phrase given - a canal "of" dirty water - Mfereji "wa" majo chafu - but , with other nouns . As there are varied classes of nouns , does the "wa"/"of" become different ? E.g. What would "of" become if in the phrase - " a glass 'of' water "? Or "a book 'of' pictures?" Or a bottle 'of' oil" Which noun would influence the "of"? Any "fundís"(specialists) out there who can explain this for us ?


This "of" is what is called the "-a of association" in the Tips & Notes. Yes, it is different for each noun class. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Mtoto wa Lobatsi - Lobatsi's child
  • Watoto wa Lobatsi - Lobatsi's children
  • Mti wa Lobatsi - Lobatsi's tree
  • Miti ya Lobatsi - Lobatsi's trees
  • Gari la Lobatsi - Lobatsi's car
  • Magari la Lobatsi - Lobatsi's cars
  • Kitabu cha Lobatsi - Lobatsi's book
  • Vitabu vya Lobatsi - Lobatsi's books
  • Ndizi ya Lobatsi - Lobatsi's banana
  • Ndizi za Lobatsi - Lobatsi's bananas
  • Uso wa Lobatsi - Lobatsi's face
  • Upendo wa Lobatsi - Lobatsi's love


Thank you so much, Vitoreiji . - I will make a note of them all and look up the details re the different noun classes . This is a good start ! :)


If i say chafu its still understood as machafu


M class. So it's only right it would be machafu instead of vichafu.

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