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Messaging, Global Leader Board, Mark as "spam" and Notifications!!

Hey, I'd been thinking..

What do you guys think about adding messaging to Duolingo? Maybe I want to say something to a specific user and there's no way I can reach to them.

And, what about marking a user as Spammer, or just unpleasant, you could receive that info and check those users out, to keep the community clean.

And Leader Board? I mean, global leader board, that could add a nice extra gamification, I love translating and I would like to see how I'm doing on a global scale, it would definitely encourage me to translate more!!

EDIT: Notifications could be really useful, it's not very comfortable to follow the discussions I'm in via mail, it gets annoying sometimes!

Keep translating!

April 7, 2013



messaging could be useful


Click on the person you want to send a message to then go to their "stream" which is to the right of the bar of languages then you can message to individuals :)


That's good to know. Do you know how to re-add somebody that you accidentally deleted from your following stream. Since they no longer show up in your stream there's nowhere to go to get click on a list of those you might like to follow.


Global leader board would get me more into it for sure!

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