"Kelekiko ʻo ia iā ʻoe?"

Translation:Does he text you?

January 29, 2019

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( iā ) is the same as ( i ); but it is used before a personʻs name or a pronoun. (iā + aʻu contracts to iaʻu)

Kelekiko ʻo ia iā ʻoe? = Does he/she text you?

(Perhaps) Kelekiko ʻo ia iaʻu? = Does he/she text me?

(Perhaps) Kelekiko ʻo ia iā ia? = Does he/she text him/her?

(Perhaps) Kelekiko ʻo ia iā Kawehi? = Does he text Kawehi?

Video Link that can be used with Duolingo

We have studied many sentence types in the Duolingo Hawaiian program. This Hawaiian language (VIDEO) gives people yet another tool to use in combination with Duoling to improve skills as we become better Hawaiian speakers. We are very lucky that Hawaiian is a part of duolingo in beta.

Episodes 1 through 12 are very important in helping one understand the grammar that is not yet explained in duolingo Hawaiian. Watch and learn!

Pehea ka makani o Waiālua? = How is Waiāluaʻs wind?

ʻOluʻolu ka makani o Waiālua. = Waiāluaʻs wind is pleasant.

(Ka Leo ʻŌiwi | Episode 3) Link:https://youtu.be/HQq3w9PNxEQ


Mahalo nui e Ron for sharing. Ka Leo ʻŌiwi is a wonderful resource for learners, and the examples you have given are all correct.


Yup, got me too. Should've known we are working with present tense as I haven't seen any future tense yet. But when we do, you'll see"Ua" at the front of the sentence. Ex. Ua kelekiko ʻo ia iā ʻoe? = Did she text you? ;-)

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