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Portuguese Beta é frustrante...

Sei que meu português não é perfeito, mas às vezes é frustrante quando eu sei - sem dúvida nenhuma - que a minha resposta é correta e até pior... seria considerado mais correta que a "correção" de Duolingo. :-/

I know that my Portuguese is not perfect, but sometimes it's frustrating when I know - without a doubt - that my answer is correct and it's even worse when I know it would be considered more correct than the "correction" from Duolingo.

But I guess I get to help make the system better, right? And that is pretty cool!

April 7, 2013



Sure!!!!on duolingo we all work together ;) Portuguese Beta version has been going through some problems. I warned them about that but i havent got any reply yet.... gud studies for you... and continue making it better by reporting the mistakes :)


They can't rush it a lot, since I think they only have one Expert in it, they could try adding someone else to it, or actually have a volunteer program, in which those who have finished, can correct some of the translations, etc.

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