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Portuguese Beta é frustrante...

Sei que meu português não é perfeito, mas às vezes é frustrante quando eu sei - sem dúvida nenhuma - que a minha resposta é correta e até pior... seria considerado mais correta que a "correção" de Duolingo. :-/

I know that my Portuguese is not perfect, but sometimes it's frustrating when I know - without a doubt - that my answer is correct and it's even worse when I know it would be considered more correct than the "correction" from Duolingo.

But I guess I get to help make the system better, right? And that is pretty cool!

April 7, 2013



Sure!!!!on duolingo we all work together ;) Portuguese Beta version has been going through some problems. I warned them about that but i havent got any reply yet.... gud studies for you... and continue making it better by reporting the mistakes :)


They can't rush it a lot, since I think they only have one Expert in it, they could try adding someone else to it, or actually have a volunteer program, in which those who have finished, can correct some of the translations, etc.


Agreed!!!!it's gone much time and its still in Beta version!!! Sometimea it seems like they just dont care :(


From what I've seen they only have 1 Expert dealing with this, I don't know how many more people are in the staff to help with English-Portuguese (and vice-versa) or even helping with it, like Moderators.


Well, my Portuguese is pretty good and I am software engineer (full-stack web development). I'd be more than willing to lend a hand where I can.


There's a 'Jobs' link down the page, u should try contacting them.


Yep.... they should hire some people to work in sorted areas on duo. :)


Maybe you should write the staff and ask if they need some extra help! :)

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