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Anyone interested in learning the other languages from Indonesia?

I think it would be cool since most of the people who live in Indonesia speak Indonesian as well as a second language depending on which area they live in. For example Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese, Betawi, etc.

January 29, 2019



As an Indonesian, I wanted to try Javanese. But the internet didn't help a lot. Eventually I gave up due to poor sources, complex grammar the sources didn't explain (did I mention that there are three classes of Javanese with different verbs, vocabulary, and stuffs?), and different dialects (Yogyakartan Javanese is different from Surabayan Javanese, just like how American English is different from British English).

If there is a chance, I would like to pick up at least a few words from Minang language, so that I can surprise my teacher with his native language. Plus, Minangkabau people are almost everywhere in Indonesia.


Eventually I gave up due to poor sources

Me too. The sources are either too phrasebook-like (without grammar at all) or written with a spelling so terrible that it hurts my eyes.

btw Minangkabau sounds majestic, I guess I'll learn it too someday


Since my parents rarely talk to me in Javanese, I have to say that I'm native Indonesian with Javanese as my "secondary" native language. I'd be hugely glad to improve my Javanese, and also Banjarese (I lived in South Kalimantan some years ago), and learn Sundanese, Balinese, Eastern Indonesian languages in Maluku and Papua,… seriously one can't get enough Indonesian languages XD


In the future i would like to try Javanese i'm not sure about the others its probably going to be in the far future.


I'd love to learn Javanese and Sundanese, and I'd like to see other Indonesian languages. Like seriously a lot of the Indonesian languages are pretty cool.


I'm interested in Javanese. I only know a couple of words like 'piye kabare' and Javanese words in Indonesian (like aku, nusantara, ganteng, and candi).


piye kabare, enak jamanku toh?


I'm a Jakarta-raised Manadonese, I can speak Bahasa Manado. It's quite close to the standard dialect but with a gazillion more Dutch & Portuguese loanwords (hyperbolic, of course) as well as more discourse markers.


The intonation in Bahasa Manado is much more 'Dutch', as is common with other Eastern Indonesian dialects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuDo-qooSL8 (Starting 00:50)


I won't be learning any language from Indonesia beyond Bahasa Indonesia but I do want to see other Indonesian languages here, including other languages from the Philippines. It's a good way to raise their profile including Indonesia's since many people are aware of India and China in terms of their culture and linguistic diversity, but not many people know much about Indonesia as it's hardly mentioned and the media doesn't focus on it. This I think is probably one reason why Indonesian has fewer learners here on Duo than Hawaiian even though the former has many times more speakers than the latter. Hopefully Duo would make people more aware of Indonesia with more languages from Indonesia as Indonesia has a very large population and would become powerful in the future.


Javanese! I am a Javanese myself, but never had a chance to learn the language (formally) since I lived most of my life outside the Javanese-speaking area.

Besides, IMO, a course in Javanese would also benefit the native speakers community, since they often use nonstandard spelling--as Javanese is no longer in common use as a written language.


YES! i would love to learn Javanese, some of my best friends are fluent since it is their native language


I want to learn Javanese, Balinese, Sundanese, and Malay. I already know Indonesian but need to learn more words honestly but have grasped what I have learned so far. Maybe a few word additions to this tree would be in order masama cough cough makasih cough cough gak cough cough kok cough cough. My boyfriend and friends have all been teaching me slang and informal Indonesian, would love to see some appear in the course *psst, I see you snuck your way in there tak.

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    For now im sticking with plain Bahasa. Its the most common in cities, theres a lot of slang in it too thats easy and its very laidback. My relatives are native to Indo. They say Javanese is common in the countryside and is a more official, stricter ect. language. Most translaters learn Javanese only, though not everyone that speaks Bahasa understands it. My relatives have had difficulties when talking to ppl in Javanese, its not really their native language so they have to put the extra effort in.


    I am keen just for Indonesian I have tried to learn some Balinese but it is very cast based and word change depending on who you are addressing. I love the simplicity of Indonesian and the fact that when you get there you can actually have conversations because of the lack of tenses etc.

    [deactivated user]

      I'd love to, but I really don't have the time. maybe down the line once I get better at Indonesian and need a new challenge. XD


      Yes, Javanese and javanese script would be interesting.


      Yes: Javanese and Sunda

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