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  5. "Hopbe' Qo'noS."

"Hopbe' Qo'noS."

Translation:Kronos is not far away.

January 29, 2019



I wrote "Qo'noS is not far away," and it didn't accept it. Every other time I've written Qo'noS it was accepted and said "Another correct solution: ... Kronos ..." I reported this one. Is it just a glitch where the creators didn't put Qo'noS as an okay translation?


Qo'noS is the Klingon version of the name. "Kronos" is the English version of the name. We probably should not have accepted "Qo'noS" within any of the English sentences. I apologise for any confusion that has caused.


We had a tiny discussion on Discovery about this, for actors speaking English. Is saying Qo'noS while speaking English like saying Paree or Muskva or Varshava while speaking English, with whether you get that French r in there being the equivalent of whether you get all up in your Qay or just say say Konoss? So, kind of pretentious and unnecessary. Or is saying Kronos like saying Peking or Bombay -- a little behind the times, and possibly offensive? I think it's more like the former, but I believe Discovery consistently went with people attempting to say Qo'noS while speaking English, so that's evidently the early 23rd century fashion, which shifted back to Kronos by the TOS era. Or maybe Kirk would have gone on saying the Ukraine and Ivory Coast, too.

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