"I am eating an egg now."

Translation:Saya makan telur saat ini.

January 30, 2019

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I am eating an egg now. Saat ini saya makan telur. Is also correct and even preferred and it is not polite in bahasa Indonesia to start a sentence with I.


I support your comment


there's no problem at all in any case to start a sentence with "i (saya/aku)" in Indonesian. it won't change and isn't even related to the level of politeness whatsoever.


Up to you, but keep in mind that Indonesian is spoken in passive form by Indonesians most of the time and will not begin with I! And also do not use aku if you are not very well acquainted with the person(s) you are speaking with as that is also considered impolite.


I'm a native speaker and I don't find it to be either impolite or uncommon to start a sentence with "i", but i agree with the matter of politeness between "aku" and "saya"


What is the difference, if there be any, between "saat ini" and "sekarang"? Please.


I think "saat ini" is showing and emphasizing that you are doing something "through this moment" (probably since while ago until a few minutes or hours more). While "sekarang" is "now" (either "right now" or "these days" etc.). So they wanted to show the connectivity with english present continuous tense, but actually, "sekarang" is also usable in this sentence in Indonesian.


Same question. Since when i am talking with my friend (native indonesian) we never use saat ini, always sekerang.


Sekarang saya makan telur? Mengapa salah?!?


Tidak salah,ini juga betul. Kadang-kadag Duoling bingun atau tidak tahu yang betul.


What's the difference between using waktu, ketika, and saat? Also, can you not say "Saya lagi makan telur"?


lagi = again or more. Saya lagi makan telur = I eat more eggs/I eat eggs again. Waktu = time (long(er) period), saat = time (short(er) period, a moment, but it can also be used for when. However ketika = when and better to use to translate when. Kalau saya punya waktu, saya pergi ke pasar. -> When I have time, I go to the marker. Saat ini saya makan roti. Now, I am eating bread. Waktu saya kecil, saya tidak suka roti/Ketika saya kecil, saya tidak sukaroti/Saat saya kecil, saya tidak suka roit. All mean the same; When I was little, I did not like bread. What to use depend on the person, there are subtle differences with no other words (as far as I know).


you can use "lagi" to substitute "sedang" to be used as present progressive. but it's informal. So I'm eating egg = Saya sedang makan telur / aku lagi makan telur. But you can't use it in this case here because you have to translate "now" even though both are same in meaning

[deactivated user]

    Has it the same meaning if you say: Saya makan telur sekarang?


    Yes same meaning.


    Saya sekarang makan telur?


    If want to use sekarang, then always at the start or end of the sentence.


    saat ini = sekarang?


    Saat ini saya makan telur was marked incorrect! Is it?


    That is a correct sentence.


    Thank you! Duolingo needs to adjust its settings.

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