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  5. Finally got my Golden PT Owl!


Finally got my Golden PT Owl!


Today is the day I finally completed my English-Portuguese tree! Got my cute little golden owl to be proud of now!

I have been learning since October 2017, nearly everyday (But I will admit I lost my streak a few times). I have used Duolingo as a tool to start my Journey into the Portuguese language. It has not been all easy learning, and I definitely struggled with many concepts/arranging of words. As a native English speaker there were many times that I thought it would be too embarrassing for me to practise speaking PT. I knew my accent would always be noticeable (and it IS!) But nearly every time I speak to a native PT speaker, I am met with a HUGE smile, and a very attentive attitude. They are so happy to hear that you are learning their language, and are more than happy to listen to you and give you small suggestions on how to do better. Many times now when I say goodbye to a PT speaker I am told that meu portuguese está muito bonitinho. I have been told many times that it is so cute to hear an English speaker talking in PT (probably since I mess up a-lot of the gender of things), and that it reminds them of younger children when they are first learning, and making little mistakes. I have been so encouraged to continue learning.

A back story, my boyfriend is from Brazil, and originally I wanted to learn PT for our trips so I could communicate with his family. After our trip, I was exposed to many of his friends and family, and social media really helped me stay into the Portuguese language, being friends on FB, snapchats, instagram stories. It is crazy how much you learn just from being around the language constantly.

I NEVER considered myself as someone to pickup a language through exposure. Being in Canada, I learned French from JK to Grade 9, and don't remember a thing. Just putting in effort to make it a part of my daily activities has made a HUGE difference to me. It has been incredible to really notice a difference every single day, and be able to notice an improvement overtime.

I have made huge strides. Thank you to all the course editors, and staff of Duo for putting time into this. Keep it up. Muito obrigado, até mais :)

January 30, 2019



Parabéns! That's quite an achievement! I am just getting started on the Spanish-->Portuguese tree. I think Portuguese is the most beautiful language I've ever heard. It's like combining the best of Spanish, French and Italian.


Congratulations! I'm from Brazil and we get really happy when a gringo(Foreigner) speaks our languague! We have such a hospitality for you guys!

OBS: I'm trying to improve my English right now, and starting to learn Italian! I'm Sorry if i made any mistake writing this!

Forte abraço!


Parabéns! :)


Parabéns menina!


Parabéns! É muito bom saber que varias pessoas se interessam por nossa linguá e pela nossa cultura


Sim! Muito interessante lingua e culture! Obrigado


Great achievement! Parabéns! A new language is always challenging, it takes time and a lot of effort (as we all know).


Thank you! Muito obrigado!


Parabéns pela conquista! And that should be "Muito obrigado!".


Parabéns! I also finished the Portuguese course and I have tried doing the reverse tree, as well as Spanish and Esperanto for Portuguese speakers. Just curious, are you able to understand spoken or (especially) written Spanish?


Hi! Muito obrigado! No! I am a native English speaker only, with no understanding of the Spanish language at all. I have heard countless times from a few of my multi-lingual friends that Portuguese is easier to learn once you come from other similar languages, such as Spanish, Italian, French.....This was especially difficult for me to even grasp basic concepts as these languages are so different from English. For me, it's almost like changing a mindset in my head, and 'flipping' a switch. :)



Since you say you have studied some French in the past, you might want to do the Frech course from Portuguese now. That way you not only can learn some more French but also settle your knowledge of Portuguese.

At least that's what I do when I have finished a tree.

Also, try to consume other content in Portuguese, such as movies, tv shows and podcasts. That will help improve your vocabulary and prevent what you have learned to fade away.


Hello! :) I sadly do not know enough in French to even attempt such a thing. I am curious to see the PT->ENG tree and see how I would preform with that. I solidify my PT with Brazilian music often, and TV shows.

It's a journey, but it's awesome!


Parabén mano. Não deixe de estudar, pois essa é a única maneira de atingir a perfeição.


Sim! eu sei! Eu vou estudar :)


Parabéns! Continue estudando firme e forte! :)


Muito obrigado! Eu vou estudar cada dia :)


Well done man :)


parabéns, caso precise alguém para ajudar no treinamento de dialogos, estou aqui, sou nativo do Brasil


Parabéns pelo esforço e pela conquista! Se quiser praticar, estou disponível para ajudar. Sou do Brasil. Abraços! :D


muito obrigado!! Mandou abraços! Eu gosto muito do Brasil. Sou da Canadá.


sou do Canadá* Canadá mesmo terminando com a letra ''A'' é um substantivo masculino, então, se usa ''do'' e não ''da''. // Canada even ending with the letter '' A '' is a masculine noun, so it is used ''do '' and not ''da''.


Ta bom!!! Estou entendi!! Obrigado!!


Eu entendi* ''estou'' é do verbo ''estar'' ''eu'' is ''i''

[deactivated user]


    Meus parabéns ^-^

    continue praticando sempre, ok?


    Sim! Eu vou! Obrigado!

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    Muito bom, parabéns


    :D Mutio obrigado!


    Parabéns, bem feito!


    Parabéns! I've only been here for about 2-3 months total, but I, too, adore Portuguese. Even though I'm close to you in EXP, I'm only at the fourth section in the tree. I think this shows that we all learn differently. Good luck to you in your future with Portuguese, & good luck on Level 25 & a 365 day streak!


    Meus parabéns, é um grande reconhecimento para nós saber que alguém se importa com nossa cultura, nem que seja por causa do namorado kkkkkkk sucesso com a reverse three.

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