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Dear creators of CZ classes,

Can you please fix a mistake in grammar explanation? Link:

You have there written that when nominative singular ends in -e/-ě, nominative plural ends in -ata but all nouns with declension based on pattern moře (nominative singular) have nominative plural moře, i.e. the same form because they fall into group "nominative singular equals genitive singular"...


Thank you for your job ! Radek

1 month ago

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Three patterns of plural formation for neuter nouns appear in this skill:

So the question is why talk about a declension pattern when it does not get used in the skill? People are confused as it is, and extraneous information does not seem to help them.

1 month ago

Hi Nueby,

Ok, understood... I still did not do any of the lessons in this skill so I could not tell if this information is relevant or not... I based my feedback on questions of my students who came all the time with following questions:

Is it really complete information? Is it that simple in CZ? Why this does not correspond to this...?

I see your point but how about e.g. putting there a note that more patterns will come in later lessons/skills so that students are not confused when they (e.g.) do some extra research and/or exercises?

1 month ago

i suppose a note should not hurt much, if it fits in the tips length limit (5000 characters). but we get questioned no matter what we do. usually what helps one person confuses another one. Není na světě člověk ten...

1 month ago

Hi svrsheque,

That would be nice because the text gives everyone the feeling it is a complete list + the pattern "kuře" does not come that often in language used in daily conversations + the list by feminine nouns is not covering all patterns as well...

So I think a note stating that the list provided is not complete but covers majority of all cases would be amazing if it still fits within the limitation of 5000 characters ;)

Thanks again ! Radek

1 month ago

to have a meaningful debate about why we teach things in the order we do, you kind of have to know more about constructing courses here and the constraints we have to respect.

it is not a textbook where any sequence of things can exist without the book falling apart. in the early lessons, frequency is not king. (viability of lexemes for half-way sane sentences using only the available lexemes is.)

we are already at work on version 2. the coverage of declension patterns is one of the things changing.

1 month ago

Perfect ! As I wrote I appreciate your job and welcome any note you put there for teachers using Duo in their classes as addition to regular books with CZ for foreigners...

1 month ago
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