"You are sitting."

Translation:तुम बैठे हो ।

January 30, 2019

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Why not using present continuous tense here (रहे हो)?


बैठना is a used as a stative verb in Hindi. So, you normally use the present perfect form 'बैठा/बैठे/बैठी है' to say that someone is seated. This is similar to how in English you say 'I know the answer' instead of 'I am knowing the answer'.

The present continuous form of बैठना, which is used infrequently, is used to indicate that someone is in the process of sitting down.


Why it is तुम बैटे हो and not तुम बैटा हो


You need to use plural forms of adjectives and verbs with तुम and आप whether they refer to a single person or multiple people.


Is "आप बैटे हैं" actually incorrect, or is Duolingo just not accepting it because it doesn't match their answer?


Should be spelled बैठे with the aspirated 'ta'.

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