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Resources available alongside and after the Duolingo course

The UEA-facila website ( https://uea.facila.org) is new and offers information about the worldwide Esperanto movement as well as short practice articles written in simple Esperanto (using a predetermined wordlist). Useful as you move from Duolingo style sentences to longer works.

And while i am here i'll just remind new people about the other resources available to them to help out in the Esperanto learning journey.

Facebook has several useful groups but the most appropriate for new english speaking Esperanto learners are.

Duolingo esperanto learners group - an expert moderated group for specifically basic esperanto questions

Esperanto Pareneteze - an expert moderated group for general chit chat and stuff that is about Esperanto but not necessarily just the basic language stuff

Babilejo- a non expert moderated group. A competently safe place to try out snippets of Esperanto - a baby steps chat area where we all look idiots anyway so no biggie. We take questions we can't resolve ourselves as learners over to the main groups for expert resolution.

Check these resources out if you want to improve your esperanto.

January 30, 2019



I'd just like to add Lernu! is a very good resource to use alongside duolingo. (I'm not sure how to add links but the website is lernu.net/en)

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