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WEB: Hello, when i do "Tests" for a higher (3) crown level, I only get translations from Portuguese to English on Portuguese course. Somebody should fix that, as it renders the course rather useless.

January 30, 2019

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The "crown design" is good in theory, but actually seems to fail for me for my first four skills in my EN->PT tree either:

  • a) because of the translation direction
  • b) failing to suppress all the challenges (picture, fill the word into the blank, choose options 1-4) in favor of 100% typing on L4+L5 (L3->L4 "crown sessions" (lessons) would be good practice too

At least make this kind of stuff user configurable.

Q: Have you tried to level grammar and or skills at the bottom of your tree to higher L4/L5 skills?

Has anything improved for you?

I would not suggest to bring all skills to L5.

AFAIK there is a huge bug in the code which prevents the (skill/global) PRACTICE button to properly work once skills are on the highest L5 crown level.

Same was true for a user with an Italian tree which at L5 and 100% strength (double fully golden).

The practice button failed to give you randomly mixed sentences across all/several skills.

Maybe staff fix some crown bugs in their backend with the next big rollout...hopefully.

February 1, 2019
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