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  5. "nuvoq'a' chaH?"

"nuvoq'a' chaH?"

Translation:Do they trust us?

January 30, 2019



Why is 'chaH' necessary? I mean, if 'nu-' is they ---> us, then wouldn't 'nuvoq'a'?' mean the same thing?


The chaH is not necessary. The sentence would mean the same thing without it. I suppose that without the chaH it could also refer to animals or a singular bring capable of language, but with the chaH it makes it clear that it is referring to multiple beings capable of language. None the less, using the pronoun in a sentence like this is completely optional. Some of our sentences have a redundant pronoun and some of them don't.


Ah. Thanks.

Good to know I wasn't completely off-base on that one. :)


nu- could be "they - us" or "he/she/it - us", so the chaH can clarify that the subject is plural (and capable of speech). But it's optional; in context, where you'd just been speaking about several people, it would be likely to refer to them as the subject.

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