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"Rumah ini penuh dengan kucing."

Translation:This house is full of cats.

January 31, 2019



Why not 'this house is full with cats'?


My question exactly


This house is filled with cats?


This house is filled with cats. = Rumah ini dipenuhi dengan kucing.


It should be. Although "full of" is frequently used in english including America it is not good grammar. It should always be "full with". There are many 'incorrect' phrases like this. "compared with" (not to) is another common example.


Although "full of" is frequently used in english including America it is not good grammar.

If that is true, then the dictionary is full of errors :



Just click on those links and take a look at the examples.
See some examples below, copied from those pages:

1.2 (full of) Containing or holding much or many; having a large number of.
‘his diary is full of entries about her’

A2 containing a lot of things or people or a lot of something:

This sweater is full of holes.
His essay was full of spelling errors.
I'm full of admiration for you.
You're always so full of energy.

If you have a source where it says that it is not good grammar, could you please post that link here ?

[deactivated user]

    Filled is past tense also


    It feels like that some days (sigh).

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