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  5. "वह तुझसे धीरे चलता है ।"

"वह तुझसे धीरे चलता है "

Translation:He walks slower than you.

January 31, 2019



when learning a new language as complex as this, it would be very helpful to have some consistency with pronouns - specifically using the formal, as we who are learning it via Duolingo most likely don't have close friends and relatives who speak fluent Hindi.


More direction on which pronouns to use during which situations would be helful, yes, I agree. Though I do think it's useful to learn all of them (Three pronouns isn't so bad,) as you're also being set up to be able to speak to your Hindi speaking friends once you start to make them! :)


Why is this तुझसे when the sentence "grandmother is more beautiful than you" is "दादी आपसे ज़्यादा सुंदर हैं"?


आप, तुम,​ and तू are all ways to say "You," so आपसे, तुमसे, and तुझसे are all "Of/from/than you" in decreasing levels of formality, आप is generally used for respect, like with elders, तुम​ is used for most friends and acquaintances, and तू is used for very close friends, so you can just base off of context that this sentence is from one close friend (or possibly lover) to another.


agree with the explanation, the तू could also be used by a family member - an older family member (parent, sibling, aunts, uncles) addressing a younger person.


Why is " he moves slower than you" wrong? I believe चलना is "to move' righy? I mean I know that people also use it to imply walking but shouldn't move also be accepted?

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