Norsk practisere ~ Jeg skrev et dikt!

Du kan ikke ser den men du har alle tvil Vi har alle vi trenger Men vi kan ikke ser den

Mange ser den Og prøv å fortelle oss Men vi vil ikke ser Vi har alle tvil

(You cannot see it But you have all you want We have all we need But we cannot see it

Many see it And try to tell us But we do not want to see We have all we want)

Please do tell me if I got something wrong :) I have been learning with duolingo and a few other websites, so some of the words I used may be what the other websites told me to use and not what Duolingo wants me to use. Anyways, tell me what you think and how I can improve! I'm mainly wondering if my grammar is good and how I can improve it. :)

3 weeks ago


Ok so this is not bad but a bit messy, I have translated the English sentences to make your poem as you intended it:

Du kan ikke se det, men du har alt du vil ha. Vi har alt vi trenger, men vi kan ikke se det.

Mange ser det, og prøver å fortelle oss (det), men vi vil ikke se det. Vi har alt vi vil (ha)

This way it makes more sense. tvil means doubt. to want is å ville (ha noe) (have something). Hope this helps, I'm a native Norwegian speaker so it's hard to explain why the language is as it is :P

3 weeks ago
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it's hard to explain why the language is as it is :P

To torment non-native speakers, no doubt!

2 weeks ago
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1 week ago

ok that was helpful :)

2 weeks ago
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