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"Continuez de jouer dans la cave !"

Translation:Keep on playing in the basement!

April 7, 2013



Am I the only one who doesn't have neither the "basement", nor the "cellar" translation? Is it because of the new site design? (My words upon hover are: hollow, sunken, sucker... and I can't click for more.)


It puts the 'hollow' translation at first, but does not accept it. Funny...


Report it as "the dictionary hints are misleading or inaccurate" when this happens.


no, you're not the only one .. :(


Anyone who notices something like this should report it to help duolingo get better :)


Literally, j'ai mort!! MDR


"Keep playing" without "on" should also be correct.


Why did someone vote this down? Makes sense to me. I really wish people would explain why they vote a comment down. I mean, I can understand voting down some comment made by some troll without comment, but that is not the case here.


It works now! And I wholeheartedly agree, re: downvotes. =/


Might be fun if it's the wine cellar. ☺


Even better parent


carry on playing is correct


Why continuEZ and not continuER, I can't hear the difference!


There is no difference in sound, but it is an order given to people, not just a sentence fragment with the infinitive. Just have to tell by context!


Couldn't it be a sentence fragment - "To continue playing in the basement"? Duolingo does use fragments sometimes.

[deactivated user]

    No, in French the only times there are verbs without subject is the imperative (giving a command) infinitive(recevoir=to receive) or present participle (en recevant = in receiving)


    In our region of France "une cave" is most definitely "a cave" and they can be played in. Should not have been marked incorrect!


    "A cave" is une grotte not une cave, or is that not what you meant?


    We have “une cave”, not “une grotte”. In our region in France and in many others, “une cave” is where wine is made or stored. Our “caves” have been there for some 900 to 1000 years. They were excavated for shelter providing limestone for the building of churches, châteaux, houses. It was later that they discovered how useful these “caves” were for wine. I think “une grotte” would be a natural formation but I don’t know.


    So that was not what you meant.

    But if it is used to store wine, then it is a wine cellar not a cave.

    Even une grotte that is used to store wine could be described as a cellar.

    The labyrinths under the chateaux in Reims are wine cellars.


    If you were to see our “caves” you would understand that one might want to play in them. It is exactly what I meant however I would have said continuez à jouer. We can seat 40 people with still room to play.


    I still feel that "cellar" is the better word in English.

    If you put a lockable/closable entrance on a cave then it becomes a cellar if it is used for storage or a grotto if it is used as a tourist attraction.

    I suppose there is a third possibility - it might become a mine.


    Sometimes I just hate the dictionary hints...

    [deactivated user]

      I recommend purchasing a dictionary.


      I never use the hints. I too found them frustrating and next to useless. I either guess or look it up in a "real" online dictionary.


      I agree. I was using Duolingo for several weeks before I even realised they were there (!).

      If I really don't understand a phrase then I run it through Reverso Context and between the two wrong opinions (from Duo and Context) I can usually make an intelligent guess! Sometimes they even agree and no guess is needed.


      Isn't "continuer" meant to be followed by "à"?


      The dictionary is completely off on this one!


      dictionary translation is still incorrect - reporting!


      Not one of the explaintions

      [deactivated user]

        *explanations. I recommend buying a dictionary. There will never be enough space to convey all meanings in a drop-down list.


        You weren't justified in taking away my heart! Basement and cellar were not in the hints or in the dictionary.


        How about "continue to move in the cellar"?


        No doubt about that, but - could jouer be translated as "to move"?


        No, "jouer"cannot be translated as "to move".


        Continuez a jouer dans la cave? Is it also correct if I use "a" instead of "de" after "Continuez"?

        [deactivated user]


          According to French speakers on a language forum, continuer à and continuer de are interchangeable. They backed this up with a number of references.

          The link is from @ThanKwee, upthread a bit:



          what happened to the basement aka sous sol in French

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