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  5. "All the important people"

"All the important people"

Translation:All die wichtigen Leute

April 7, 2013



Alle wichtigen Leute would be my favorite, but Duo does not accept it


And neither should it. I see 'All THE important people' but apparently you and a zillion others choose to just see 'All important people'.

How strange.


That's because Duolingo has taught us that idiom in previous lessons.


Ok, if it has, did the English part not come without the definitive article then? In other words, wasn't the context slightly different in that case?


No. The English had a definite article. Something like "She eats all the tomatoes" / "Sie isst alle Tomaten". I noted it precisely because it is different to the English idiom.


what a complete jerk you are


why are you the way that you are? who hurt you? lol


The hint says "all the" is "alle" so how am I supposed to know that it's not?


People are here to try to understand the grammar rules of the language. There is no need to be so rude. Everyone is learning.


I would have answered it your way, but Duo discouraged this by the hints it gave. And your supercilious post would not endear you to anyone.


The hint literally says you can use alle. GFY


Why is "alle die wichtigen Leute" incorrect? What's the difference between "alle" and "all"?



emphasizes the whole as opposed to a subset

all die

looks at (and often emphasizes) the sheer quantity.

Credits to @Stephie


Thanks. So "all die" looks at or emphasizes sheer quantity. As in: All die einsamen Leute! (Wo kommen sie alle her?)

What's confusing me, is that "All the important people" in English does not necessarily emphasize quantity at all. Especially as there is no exclamation mark. There could just be two of them, for all we know. The function of the definite article here could just be to make it refer to all the important people in the context we are discussing (perhaps an association or meeting), as opposed to all important people in general.

If I want to say "all the children" (referring just to the six children in the classroom), but don't want to emphasize the sheer quantity, what would I say? "Alle Kinder"?


Is "All die" really used in German?


Yes, but "alle wichtigen Leute" is also very common.


Sure, it might be, but 'alle wichtigen Leute' (non-specific) is not quite the same as 'all DIE wichtigen Leute' (specific).

Both have a place of course, depending on context, but in this case 'alle wichtigen Leute' is simply not the appropriate translation for 'All THE important people'.


The problem is "all the" in English is usually not that specific -- it just limits the "all" to the subject of the current conversation. If I am talking about a school, "all the children" means all the children at the school, whoever they may be. That's "Alle Kinder" in German, right?. If I wanted to refer to a specific group of children, I would say "all those children".


Alle wichtigen Leute. why it is not accepted?

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Google translates "All the important people" as "Alle wichtigen Leute".


You removed the definite article from your translation


What is the context behind "all die". I haven't come across rhis yet


I guess "All+Die= Alle?" Is it Kinda like when "In+Dem= Im?"




emphasizes the whole as opposed to a subset

all die

looks at (and often emphasizes) the sheer quantity.

Credits to @Stephie


Duolingo's refusal to accept "Alle wichtigen Leute" is perplexing. Previously Duolingo has (correctly) taught us that "alle" can be translated as either "all" or "all the" depending on context. For example:

Alle Freunde sind da -- All the friends are there; or even better:

Alle notwendigen Leute sind hier -- All of the necessary people are here.

I get that we need to learn the "All die" idiom, but I am not sure that this is even a good example of it. I finally asked a German friend, and he said that, yes, you could translate "All die" as "All the", but it's more like "All those" -- very emphatic, like you're pointing at them. For anyone interested this article say much the same, deep in the comments, https://yourdailygerman.com/meaning-alle/


Could someone expand on when "all" (vs. "alle") is used? The only other time I've seen it here is when All means "outer space" or "the universe."



I don't get this at all! (no pun). If 'All' is used this way then a genitive case should be applied to 'important people. It would be 'All der wichtigen Leute'.


is "All die wichtigen Menschen" wrong?


And what about 'Alle wichtigen Menschen'?


What's wrong with using "Menschen" here? Please bear in mind as non-native learners, we might have spelling mistakes or grammatical errors when asking our questions. We are here to learn. So please just point out why a rendition is or is not acceptable. Appreciate any help.


Well I've read all the comments, and I am reporting the dictionary hints as wrong - It suggests alle wichtigen leute, whether that is correct or not


Why test us on sentence fragments? This question should be removed.


The problem is the prompt that says only ALLE and does not translate 'THE'


Die gesamte besonderen Leute????


How can All the in german is All die? I put it as Alle die and i was marked here?


Alle wichtige Leute

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