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  5. "C'est à côté de ce bâtiment."

"C'est à côté de ce bâtiment."

Translation:It is next to this building.

April 7, 2013



What's wrong with "It is by that building", as 'by' is a suggested translation of 'a cote de' in a prior exercise.


It seems a decent translation; "It is by that building." The only confusion I can think of is that we sometimes use "by that building" to mean "just past that building." "You go by that building, and it's on the left." "It is by that building, around the corner." Etc. Languages. What a mess!


So what is wrong with at the side of this building ???


Why is "at the side of' not possible?


My pull down had "it is next to this building" twice. How was I to know which one to pick? I tried to report it, but it wouldn't let me. It's a good thing I'm a patient person.


If you look closely you will see that one option has the word bâtiment spelled as buidling. It through me off too, but caught it upon further inspection. ;p


Yeah I think this is some quirk of duo lingo trying to find out the best translation. My guess is that buidling is a common typo for building so it entered their detabase


That seems reasonable but if it were the case that it was an accident it would have been accepted as correct, which it isn't.


Surely "buidling"(with L and D the wrong way round) isn't correct whether it's an accident or not, is it?


What I was saying is that if it is a typo, that means that Duo was unaware of the incorrect spelling, so they would have accepted that answer as correct. Since they did not accept that choice as valid that means they were aware of the incorrect spelling and penalized students who chose it.


But I think what MimicMethod.com was saying was that "buidling" was offered as an option because it's a commonly entered typo when people have to translate "batiment", not that Duo itself had made the typo. Anyway, this is all a bit meta...


You know what's not meta? - my love for camembert cheese :)


I had the same thing with a different question! Isn't it annoying - I am not a patient person!


What's wrong with "next door to that building."


What's wrong with "next door to that building."


In English we will often say Next Door to when referring to a building that is Next To. Duo is wrong to dismiss that answer especially as they offer it a a translation!


Nice try Duo!! You almost got me on that small typo offered as an alternative in the multiple choice.


why are this and that both correct?


Without là and ci conjugated after the noun we want to modify, it is vague. so in my opinion both are accepted.


I always thought "C'est" stands with a noun, so would be the sentence "Il est à côté de ce bâtiment" wrong or correct?


If you want to say: my male friend is next to this building, you will definitely say: Il est à côté de ce bâtiment


Thanks for clarifying =)


next to is the same as close to



Not true.


Google says close by is legit. I put close to as well


I think that at the side should be accepted

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