"I do not drink much wine."

Translation:Je ne bois pas beaucoup de vin.

April 7, 2013

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I'm sure I should know this but why is it "de" here instead of "du"?


there are a number of expressions built with "de" and not needing an article:

  • pas de, peu de, autant de, plus de, moins de...


Thank you. Your explanations are much appreciated.


I notice that "de" is used for prepositional phrases. Is that correct?


I am not sure I know what a prepositional phrase is, but "de" is very versatile.

On the basis of the example here, I can tell you that all expressions of quantities are constructed with "de" and no article: peu de, beaucoup de, autant de, plus de, moins de, pas de, jamais de...

The noun following "de" can be plural or singular depending on the noun itself and its meaning + the meaning of the whole sentence:

  • je n'ai pas de voiture (otherwise I would have one)
  • je n'ai pas d'enfants (otherwise, I could have several)
  • j'ai beaucoup de fleurs
  • j'ai beaucoup d'argent, de chance, d'eau, de vin... (mass words)


is their a simpler clue to know if its de instead of du and vice versa ??


The clue is simple enough: "du" or "de la" are replaced by "de" in a negative sentence or in an expression of quantity. Pls read above.

je vois du vin - je ne bois pas de vin - je bois peu de vin


What would "Je ne bois pas trop de vin" translate to?


I do not drink too much wine.


Would "Je ne bois pas trop de vin" be acceptable here?


"trop" = too (in excess).

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