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Learning German insanely on Duolingo!

Hallo Leute! :)

I am Ahmed from Egypt. I am learning German on Duolingo on my Iphone and really enjoying it. It is a priceless application, but the great thing I discovered today is translating these real articles on the website!! :) I was so happy seeing WHOLE SENTENCES I can understand. However, I did not start from zero. I knew some about German as I am studying it at Uni, but this application is helping me A LOT!!! Now what I really want is to practice my German. I wanna be fluent as soon as possible. Then, I will go for a totally new language :) I will go for Spanish :D I just wanted to say hello to you guys and a big thanks to Duolingo :)

May 19, 2014



Hallo und salam! I totally agree! I really love DL and German, and it's so nice to see other people learning and loving it as well.
I am from Israel, and I really love how people like us, who according to the rest of the word shold not get along, have a common love to languages, can over come this barrier! I learned arabic in school, and hope to continue learning it as soon as DL opens a Arabic from English course. I personally don't like the translating text, I barely spend any time there, but I am glad some people do, and keep it alive! Thank you for sharing! Shukran!


i just use DL as a secondary resource because im learning it in school this helps me a lot


well, nothing wrong with that, I would do that if they taught German at school, or Arabic on DL <_<


gonna try to be a linguist so I'm glad my gerry teacher told us about this resource


Does not look like he made it far xD ^^^^


I stopped using duolingo, but I am a linguist now


Very nice, I'm learning German too. Have some Lingots!


I just started and it's pretty great!



I really like this site . I've started to learn German, too . Duolingo has made the learning very interesting.


Yeah you are right :)


agree with you .. but it's not only concerned on the language (as words, sentences, ... etc), you need to learn also about culture, Customs and traditions (like popular music bands, popular foods, magazines, TV channels, ... etc). Just keep progress! :]


Marhaban, Ahmed! Keif halek? Ana issmee Lewis wa ana min breetanya, walakin ureed azoor il khaleej! Mumkim wittakillum bil lurgha il arrabeya? Shoo-kran wa maa salama!!


Ahlan wa sahlan :) hayya bena natahadath al logha al arabya :)


You are amazing! Best wishes from Denmark! Here is some lingots, nice to meet you! :D



Personally I couldn't wait untill I was done learning German, I signed up for two languages at the same time!^^ (just started yesterday :) )

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