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"Près de la plage, il y a des discothèques et des boutiques."

Translation:Near the beach, there are nightclubs and shops.

April 7, 2013



Near to the beach not accepted...


I hope people who got "near to" wrong have reported it. DL is learning, too. I believe it started with a North American emphasis, but it needs to accept British as well.


Saying "near to the beach" would be understood, but "near the beach" is more natural.


Discotheques and boutiques? First time I've gotten full credit for only translating half a sentence. :-


I just put clubs, which was right, but I was marked down for putting "close to the beach".


I put 'close to the beach' and it is now accepted, so thanks! :)


I also got "Near to the beach" marked incorrect and was told I should have used "Next to the beach". This was despite the fact that pressing on 'près de' only suggested 'near' and not 'next'! It changes the meaning of the sentence.


Discos are accepted as nightclubs extend far beyond that genre which I thought was nearly obsolete by now with kind respects to Donna Summers and her peers.



But their words, their rules :D


The rules change in mid stream . Duolingo is fun and educational but it needs a little work .


The "rules" change for the reason that littlexsparkee explained. But then he/she may have explained this after you wrote this. I don't know. It would be nice if comments had a date attached to them.


Whether it's near to or just near, the important thing is that both should be accepted. A côté de is the phrase that I understand as "next to" not "près de"


Isn't "discotheque" much more specific than "night club"?


I don't think there's any really good word for "discotheque" in English. Right now in the US we call them "clubs" but "club" has so many other meanings. But a "discotheque" is just a dark place with dance music (like, hip-hop, not disco music), drinks, and a crowded dance floor.


I'd say so, but perhaps DL is stretching a point, since discos are fairly passé anyhow?


Near to doesn't sound at all right to me and I'm English. Youd just say near the beach not near to. And this has a completely different meaning to next to anyway!


Near to the beach ... is now accepted as correct 23.11.14 :-)


Why "near by the beach" is not correct ?

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