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I have written this to assist my learning journey, giving me a focus and reference, and hoping this might be of use to others. ... here it is ..

“The best donation you can make to Duolingo is kindness in the forums :)” Usagiboy7

NOTE: most of the french words in this connection of streams/posts - I will be trying to reference an audio file - so you can "hear" how to pronounce words, and hopefully understand them when you hear them - and also help you make sense of the spelling - and thus also help your reading. So move your curser around the words, and click on things. To return, either press your browsers 'return' arrow (usually in the top left header), or often (hopefully) you will have access to another 'key' word which will take you to another related thread, or return you here. Although sometimes it is a bit like a trip through Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory (small print: no guarantees) :)
p.s. this is the ONLY place I have ever found many of the rules explained this way, complete with SOUND files - to help your learning journey. And which will be peer reviewed AND like a living book, where you can ask questions - so I hope you enjoy checking this out. But be aware - it is a living environment - and things will be corrected - as is relevant ;)
- Also NOTE WORD LISTS, are specific to the learning ladder in duolingo, and where possible also have attached sound files, and highlight important things about the words, and how they can be used. These are like lists that are not provided elsewhere on the internet. Where possible, links to internet sites that have better lists and descriptions will also be listed.

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May 19, 2014


Wow Linda, I'm impressed with the amount of work you put into this! Too bad your posts get lost among other discussions... have you considered starting a blog, perhaps? Anyway, you deserve some ligots! Your enthousiasm for the french language is contagious :)

May 22, 2014

Thank you Laetitia. You are much too kind. But the real difference we can make on the world beyond our minds, as well as within our minds - is to help the connections to happen. To make the learning looms - the mats - the webs - the connections. To empower us - to make the better threads - the gems - the things that make a difference - to create the connections by what we do. But I am still a babe in the woods. - I still have to work out how to show others how to use the markdown language to do the connections. And for others to create and expand on their learning journeys'. We each individually make a difference to the world. But it is when we can share - that new opportunities - and the chance for better world - opens up. This platform has its limitations - but it also has its potential - should we choose to see it and take the opportunity. Thank you for being a part of all this. This is all just in its baby steps - from what I can see. Thank you for being part of changing the present - for better opportunities in the future. :)

May 22, 2014

ps. very soon I am going to have to disappear down one of those little rabbit holes of real life - and be engaged in other responsibilities I have. But fear not - I will be back - just forgive me if I drop out for a short time. I have dreams, and I will be striving to fulfill them - in this forum , as well as in my other ones ... And I am humbled by your encouragement. It is still not achieving its potential - but there are some skeletons being made, and hopefully it will flesh out over time. In the end it is our community - our connections - with the now, the future, the past, and each other - that matters. So thank you. :)

May 22, 2014

Yes, I agree with you; and the commuinty here at Duolingo has been fantastic, as well as the site/app itself. Don't worry about dissapearing, it's important to cater to all aspects of life. I wish you the best of luck in realising your dreams. :)

May 24, 2014

The creation of Learning Looms, should help prevent this disappearing of good threads. By helping us all to make good connections - it should help address this issue of threads disappearing. And maybe if we create good quality threads - we can encourage those at Duolingo head office to allow us to throw a 'linking' thread to something that wont get lost among the bulk of all the threads/posts that are spun. First - lets try to spin a robust, engaging, advantageous web/loom. le premier pas ... =D

May 26, 2014

I am now getting to understand why you commented about this potentially disappearing among other discussions. But - that is the power of if we all make good connections - both within our own posts, and with other peoples posts. So people get to 'hop' around on topics and see things explained in different ways - by different people. If we all keep making connections - then things will not get lost. They have to be sensible connections though. Quality counts. It is sort of like creating an external brain/resource center, a living book and communications hub. Check out Tribute, Reference and Thank you page here and look down the bottom of the header page, and you will see how you can make links/connections. Perhaps sometime soon I will get brave and post my summary of my knowledge on 'markdown language' on the general english page.

May 28, 2014

The bigger issue is not that it will disappear, it is that people will not even know where to look for it. For example, it took quite some time for me to find that post about the à preposition. In fact if I didn't remember the exact keywords I would never find it.

That's why I suggested that you add it in a place such as wiki, where it is far easier to find, and search through the relevant posts.

May 28, 2014

I am just moving this discourse to a sub thread of this one ...
This work I have created is not a "published" work, and it will have mistakes in it. I really appreciate it when people point out my mistakes. It is also a work in progress - that I am constantly updating and creating new threads to "the mat" or web of learning I am trying to make connections to.

I am still learning french. And this is me sorting out my learning. I have found that all the MANY books I use, and also up on the internet - none of them have put the things I post together in quite this way. In my learning and research I have often found conflicting information - which for me to progress - I have had to resolve. This loom is part of creating the framework to allow me to resolve problems I have had learning French.

I am creating this as a reference for myself. And hoping that it might also be of use to others. Also to act as a living book - with as much sound in it as possible - so that I get to hear the correct words, and hopefully improve my ability to also say them. To act as a living book, and also to create a learning loom - that you can hop about between topics.

Also I am hoping that this might help other peoples learning journey.

(and ps. I will modify important posts - to correct spelling as well as mistakes, improve formatting, try to make wording more clear and correct, and improve the journey - as I see it. This is as my goal is to improve the world - and help communications, but I will always keep intact the honor I hold to people who help my learning journey. NB importantly so far - PERCE_NEIGE ! He has been of INVALUABLE assistance in this part of my learning journey in this forum and in relation to this topic.)

I am looking forward to continue to develop this, and to add links to other great comments that others have made within the duolingo platform. I know at the moment this is mostly just my posts, But this is just part of the framework I am needing - so that I can note down others links to other contributions as well.

N.B. If you have your own learning journey notes you want to write up - please do not hesitate to contact me - and I am very happy to coach you on markdown text that will help you log your own journey ^-^ We duolingouens are all on similar journeys ! And I love company ! (bearing in mind I am a real person - with real life issues - and this is my hobby :)

May 28, 2014

Voici le post que j'aime le mieux... dès ce moment. Merci beacoup pour ton immense effort! :))

May 1, 2015

see : French Grammar: Tips and Notes "Update" by Sitesurf and team.

Unit in Tree 3 Name in Tree 3 Description
U01 Basics 1 Genders, Personal Subject Pronouns, Subject-Verb Agreement
U02 Basics 2 Articles, Elisions, Contractions, Words beginning with H
U03 Common Phrases Bonjour, Idioms, Liaisons, Enchaînement, Il y a
U04 Plurals 1 Plurals, Plural Articles, Plural Pronouns & Verbs, Agreement, Tu or Vous
U05 Gallicism C’est or Il est, Idioms with Avoir
U06 Basics 3 Être & Avoir, Continuous Tenses
U07 Food 1 Partitive Article, Count Noun or Mass Noun, Omitted Articles, De + Definite Article
U08 Animals 1 Noun Genders, Feminine Animals
U09 Weather 1 Impersonal Expressions, Il fait, Il y a
U10 Adjectives 1 Agreement, Placement, Figurative, Euphony
U11 Plurals 2 Nouns & Adjectives, Articles, Conjugations, Punctuation
U12 Clothing Idiomatic Plurals, Diacritics, Nasal Vowels
U13 Colors Nouns & Adjectives
U14 Possessives 1 Possessive Adjectives, Euphony, Femme & Fille
U15 Verbs: Present 1 Conjugations, Pronunciation, Infinitives after conjugations: Appreciation/Il faut/Aller/Movement/Opinion/Ability/Perception, More about Il faut, Confusing Verbs, One Each or One Shared, Ah l’amour
U16 Demonstratives 1 Demonstrative Adjectives, Ça/Ça or Ce
U17 Conjunctions 1 Coordinating Conjunctions
U18 Questions Inversions, Est-ce que, Intonation, Interrogative Adjectives/Pronouns/Adverbs
U19 Pronouns 1 On, Direct Object Pronouns, En, Y, Relative Pronouns, Reflexive Se
U20 Adjectives 2 Multiple Adjectives, Grand or Gros, Faux-Amis
U21 Verbs: Present 2 Group 3 Verbs, Transitive & Intransitive, Confusing Verbs
U22 Prepositions 1 De & À, Articles after De, Des before Adjectives
U23 Numbers 1 Zéro to Vingt, Uses of Un
U24 Family Refresher: C’est or Il est
U25 Possessives 2 Possessive Pronouns
U26 Demonstratives 2 Ceci or Cela, Ce or Cela, Demonstrative Pronouns/+Relative Pronoun/+Preposition, Comparisons
U27 Time Close Future, Dates, Jour or Journée, Telling Time
U28 Verbs: Infinitive 1 Infinitive Mood, Without Prepositions, With Prepositions, After Nouns, After Adjectives, Causative Faire
U29 Adverbs 1 Placement, Comparatives & Superlatives, Bon/Bien/Mauvais/Mal
U30 Near Time Near Future, Recent Past
U31 Occupations Professions as Adjectives, Genders
U32 Negations Ne… Pas/Plus/Jamais/Rien/Personne/Aucun, Negative Pronouns & Conjunctions, Word order, Notes
U33 Conjunctions 2 Subordinating Conjunctions, Temporal/Causal, Elisions with Si & Que
U34 Adverbs 2 Construction, Adverbs with Negations
U35 Verbs: Compound Past 1 Auxiliaries, Past Participles, Agreement, Using the PC
U36 House 1 No Notes
U37 Objects Cognates, Noun of Noun
U38 Adjectives 3 Determiners, Indefinite Adjectives, Comparatives & Superlatives, Bon/Bien/Mauvais
U39 Prepositions 2 Temporal, Duration, References, Puzzling Prepositions, Peu
U40 Places 1 Spatial Prepositions, Special Rules: Cities & Countries
U41 Verbs: Compound Past 2 Être Verbs + Direct Objects, Past Participles as Adjectives, Advanced Participle Agreement, C’est in the PC
U42 House 2 No Notes
U43 Irregular Plurals Plurals ending in -x
U44 People Nationality Nouns & Adjectives
U45 Verbs: Present 3 Pronominal Verbs, Pronoun Order, Verbs with À & De, Y = À + Thing, Confusing Verbs
U46 Countries No Notes
U47 Verbs: Pronominal Reciprocal/Subjective/Passive Pronominal Verbs, Objects & Agreement
U48 Verbs: Past Imperfect Conjugation, Translations, Using the Imperfect, States or Situations, Actions or Processes, Habit or Repeated Actions, combining the Imperfect with the PC
U49 Numbers 2 Vingt to Milliards
U50 Animals 2 No Notes
U51 Compound Past 3 No Notes
U52 Places 2 No Notes
U53 Feelings 1 No Notes
U54 Possessives 3 Possessive Pronouns
U55 Demonstratives 3 Demonstrative Pronouns + Suffixes -ci & -là
U56 Body Body Parts with Definite Articles
U57 Adjectives 4 Participles as Adjectives, Neuf vs Nouveau
U58 Pronouns 2 Direct, Indirect, Disjunctive, Indirect Objects & Y, Quelque
U59 Verbs: Infinitive 2 Infinitives as Subjects, Polite Orders, Impersonal Expressions with À or De, Register, Faire vs Rendre
U60 Abstract Objects 1 Expressing Obligations and Needs
U61 Communication No Notes
U62 Adverbs 3 Placement, Confusing Words: Actuellement/Effectivement/Définitivement, Ne… que
U63 Abstract Objects 2 No Notes
U64 Compound Past 4 No Notes
U65 Food 2 No Notes
U66 Verbs: Infinitive 3 Impersonal Expressions, Causative Faire, Past Participle Usage, Confusing Verbs
U67 Verbs: Passive Voice Construction & Uses, Passive PC
U68 Prepositions 3 Long List, Confusing Prepositions
U69 Adjectives 5 No Notes
U70 Verbs: Infinitive 4 No Notes
U71 Pluperfect No Notes
U72 Verbs: Pluperfect Construction, Être Verbs, Nuances
U73 Nature Fleuve vs Rivière
U74 Materials No Notes
U75 Arts No Notes
U76 Verbs: Future Conjugations, Conjunctions of Time
U77 Measures Être De
U78 Weather 2 No Notes
U79 Adverbs 4 No Notes
U80 Medical No Notes
U81 Verbs: Subjunctive Present Rules & Trends, Conjugations
U82 Politics No Notes
U83 Feelings 2 No Notes
U84 Education No Notes
U85 Verbs: Imperative Formation, With Object Pronouns, Irregular Forms, Negative, Pronominal
U86 Verbs: Conditional Formation, Hypotheses with “si”, Polite Requests and Wishes, Regrets & Preferences, Future time in the Past, Possibilities & Uncertainty, Needs, Obligations & Advice
U87 Science No Notes
U88 Verbs: Past Conditional Formation, Past si Clauses, Regrets and Criticisms, Unconfirmed News
U89 Verbs: Present Participle As Adjectives or Nouns, As Verbs, Perfect Participle, Passive, Gerunds
U90 Technology No Notes
U91 Transportation No Notes
U92 Verbs: Subjunctive Past Refresher, Conjugation, Sequence of Events
November 14, 2018

I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Dessamator, for showing me new links, and assisting in the building of this learning loom :) I have now also added you to the tribute page :)

May 25, 2014

You're welcome. I hope you manage to catalogue all your progress up to the end of the tree. I'm curious though, have you already finished the language tree, and are merely revising, or are you going through each skill?

May 26, 2014

I am only past check point 2. I do wish they would number the check points ... So I have a long way to go on the ladder. I am wanting though to see my friends climb the ladder with greater ease. I am hoping that what I am creating is going to help others acquire this language.

May 26, 2014

Wow This is cool!

February 28, 2016

Oh wow - thank you. It will ALWAYS need to have work done on it. It also follows along on the lessons, as well as the random posts on french here ( which need to be sorted also ) , and also for more of my relevant notes to be added - and then there are the ones that still just exist in my head.

I have found, and I believe - that to learn a language - you need to use MANY resources, and seek the guidance of many teachers and mentors - and many engagements (i.e. music, hobbies, videos, games, etc ) The more you use many resources - the better and the faster you will find your language develops. And also the more fun you will have.

February 28, 2016

I am speechless! I can not say anything! All I can say, or try to say, is Wow!

February 28, 2016

Brilliant. Merci beaucoup.

April 14, 2016

This is a real treasure trove. Merci mille fois!

October 26, 2018
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