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Tips on retention

As you work your way through the Duolingo exercises would you care to share your tips for committing the exercises to memory? How you get the most out of the exercises e.g. understanding the likes of singular and pural; the tenses; committing things to memory, and so on.

Do you use pen and paper? Perhaps learn words and phrases of by route as I remember learning in school many, many years ago! Perhaps try to make up sentences.

I would appreciate your tips

January 31, 2019



I had to restart the Irish course after the first couple of months because I wasn't retaining the vocabulary. I started using the Duolingo course on Memrise, https://www.memrise.com/course/375351/duolingo-irish-10/
and I kept Memrise and Duolingo in sync, repeating the DL exercises until I had completed the Memrise level. That made a huge difference in my progress.

My approach to grammar has been to not worry about it too much. If you have the vocabulary, you can get a general sense of the meaning of a sentence. Then, continued exposure, by doing exercises, reading the discussions, and viewing other sources when possible, you can develop a sense of what sounds right and what various grammatical and idiomatic structures mean.


My biggest help to me is REPETITION, I will go back and review things that I am not sure of until I know I got them, I write them down sometimes, I mostly say the words out loud and try to commit them to memory


If there is audio in the exercise (even if it is not an audio exercise) I try to repeat the sentence out loud after the speaker. I also use memrise to learn the vocab for each unit before I do the corresponding Duolingo unit and do the same thing of repeating every word out loud.

That said, I don't retain Irish vocab nearly as easily as I do for other languages. The irregularities really make it challenging for me and I still have no idea if there are any general rules for things like forming plurals.


The biggest help outside Duolingo I've had is reading children's books in Irish. The language is simple and it mixes up what I've learned here and applies it in a new way. Any new vocab went in a notebook which I go through periodically. Over time I was able to get to longer stories and watching TV with Irish subtitles. It all boils down to repetition really - it's just that it gets boring when you're repeating the same exercises in duolingo, so reading books is refreshing because it's new.


repetition. dont try to learn anything just repeat repeat etc just like when a child learns language. it will sink in effortlessly. repetition repetition repetition. get some basic ideas about sentence structure and the formation of tenses, conjugations and declensions etc from a grammar book but dont try to memorize stuff specifically. spend as much time with the language as you can. repetition


I agree with the repetition. Constantly going over exercises, reading books, watching shows. You won't remember what you don't use, so use it as much as possible.

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