"Jangan takut pada nyala api ini."

Translation:Do not be afraid of the brightness of this fire.

February 1, 2019

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Nyala can mean flame, which seems like the most obvious choice here. From KBBI https://kbbi.web.id/nyala

nyala/nya·la/ n 1 massa gas yang berpijar yang timbul dari benda yang terbakar: -- api itu masih terus berlangsung; 2 cahaya yang keluar dari api (sesuatu yang terbakar): dari jauh kelihatan kelap-kelip -- lampu di rumah itu;

1 A mass of incandescent gas that rises from a burning object. "The flame of that fire continues to burn" 2 Light that comes from a fire (something that's burning) "From far away we can see the flickering of the house lights.


"nyala" does not mean flame.

"api" = flame, fire.


I took that definition right out of the official dictionary...

EDIT: Ok, so "nyala api" means flame, and "nyala lampu" means "Light from a certain source"


Honestly, in practice, the word "nyala" can be quite ambiguous to whether refer to the "light" or to the "flame". Since most of the time it used quite interchangeably. Though, commonly "nyala" would refer to the "light" that omitted from the source while "bara" would refer to the "heat" or "flame".

Although, "brightness of this fire." probably better translated as "terangnya api ini." in my opinion.


"Nyala api" is much, much more natural to be translated as "flame" rather than "brightness of the fire". If you want to use the word "nyala" for "brightness", perhaps using "nyala lampu" (brightness of the lamp) would fit better in that sentence.


This is truly messed up.. My wife (Indonesian) says it definitely should be flame.


Nyala api = flame.


May be it should be "Jangan takut pada /cahaya/ api ini".

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Jangan takut pada nyala api ini = Do not be afraid to this flame

while: Do not be afraid to the brightness of this fire = Jangan takut pada terang(nya) api ini.


this is so wrong. i am half indonesian i speak the language natively and i was here only for fun but then what the hell is this?


It's so weird. Why would we be afraid of "brightness"? You sure your team can speak English and Indonesian? lol


For brightness I thought terangan would be the correct translation....


"Don't be scared by this fire light." Ga betul juga?


it can also be "Don't be afraid of this flame."

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