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Beyond level 10 on English?

How to go Beyond level 10 on English?

I have just concluded my tree on level 10, but I saw some people with level 14. How is it possible? What are the options? What is the utmost level a person can reach in Duolingo?

Thank you all!

May 20, 2014



Your level is based on how many experience points (XP) you earn, nothing else. It does not correlate to your position on the tree. You gain XP by completing lessons, redoing lessons, strengthen skill exercises, timed exercise, and participating in Immersion. The highest level possible is Level 25.
In theory, you could do one lesson over and over again to get to level 25 without ever advancing through your tree (although no sane person would do that!).


Thanks a lot wazzie. You have answered all my questions very well. Take care!


No problem! Glad I could help!

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