App Trouble

Hey! I haven't been able to get my app to work properly since the 4.0 update on the iPhone. It opens fine, but it won't load any languages/course work. I've already attempted to contact Support twice over the last few weeks, but I guess they're pretty busy right now. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and found any fixes? Thanks for reading! :)

May 20, 2014


Well, this is sad, but I figured it out. When I downloaded the newest version before, it didn't give me the option to sign in. So it just signed me up as my iTunes Game Center name. Which left me in limbo. I couldn't add anything because I wasn't logged in and I couldn't login because that wasn't a given option. Perhaps an area in the interface where you can login or change users if you're stuck in limbo or if someone else wants to use it? Thanks! :[D

Hi! Going to take a look.

....sorry. I meant to add I deleted and downloaded again. It appears to be working normally and it's pretty awesome. I still think that adding that option into the profile interface might help others. Or if you wanted to let someone else play on the same device. So hoping they add it. :)

Thanks for the suggestions and glad it's working better for you!

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