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  5. "'ugh ghav 'uSqan."

"'ugh ghav 'uSqan."

Translation:Steel is heavy.

February 1, 2019



Ugh, none of the words gives "heavy" as a translation...


So how come the text means "steel is heavy?"


'ugh means "is heavy"

ghav 'uSqan means "steel"

So 'ugh ghav 'uSqan means "steel is heavy"

Duolingo unfortunately has difficulty displaying hints for words that being with an apostrophe, such as 'ugh.


Though, in a weird twist, Duolingo WILL show you the dictionary page for a word that begins with an apostrophe. If you click on the word 'ugh at the top of this sentence discussion page, it will take you to the dictionary page.

The dictionary has a completely different look up error. It can look up words that start with apostrophe just fine, but it can't look up words that have ANY capital letters in them. Which means looking up German nouns is also a problem.

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