"Dia senang mendapat peringkat dua."

Translation:She is happy to get the second rank.

February 1, 2019

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Why isn't it 'kedua'?


Indeed, in the previous "same"sentence the option was "kedua" ... makes more sense to me


I'm not sure what "second rank" is, as we don't really have that concept in the US, but I imagine that the "the" is optional.


"The" is absolutely optional here.

I would also prefer to say "second place".


In my country, second rank would mean second class... for ex. second class seats to a show


It means "she is glad to be second-ranked in the sport event", for example. I looked up "peringkat" in the University of Leipzig Indonesian Corpus. Here is the list of frequent collocation ranking (top 15 only):

ketiga (41,885), kedua (40,710), pertama (36,740), teratas (23,911), keempat (17,707), utang (17,103), tiga (15,994), empat (12,140), kelima (11,528), dua (10,720), universitas (10,131), lima (8,280), tertinggi (6,718), keenam (6,159), 10 (5,793)

"Peringat" + "KEDUA" sounds natural and is used in many sports news articles like this:

"Indonesia Peringkat Kedua, Total Raih 64 Emas" = "Indonesia ranked second; won 64 gold medals in total"

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