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"Saya mau memastikan kamu datang."

Translation:I want to make sure that you come.

February 1, 2019



Why include ascertain if its wrong? Am i using the word wrong???


To me at least, 'ascertain' more means 'to discover that', or 'to find out that' ... rather than a certainty thing. I hope that helps. cheers


Had this same issue as well. Memastikan was shown to be used as 'ascertain' in a previous example. When I used it in another, I was told that it should have been 'make sure'


"be sure" seems as good as "make sure" to my ears


Not quite.

The -kan suffix implies causation, so in this sentence it means actually doing something to ensure that person comes.

make sure requires an action, whereas be sure does not require any action


I agree.. it sounds threatening to me, not something I would want to hear.

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