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  5. "Pay the tuition."

"Pay the tuition."

Translation:Uku i ke kāki kula.

February 1, 2019



Why is this not a command starting with "E"?


I learned adding "e" in front of the sentence is an indicator of intended action rather than a command. Addind an"E" means -you should pay the tuition .


The only other command I've not had to start with "E" is "Look!" My own understanding of initial "e" is about what you say, where "should" includes "why don't we" = "let's" and "you should" = "so do it" and "I should" = "I will."


I believe it would be better with the "E" before uku.

p.s. - "E uku i ke kāki kula" is now being acecpted. Mahalo Duo!


And why is E uku 'oe i ke kāki kula so wrong?

[deactivated user]

    DL should accept it. Go ahead and flag it. This is obviously a command, and 'oe is the natural subject.


    We don't know who the message is addressed to.... maybe 'olua, 'oukou?


    I don't really see a good answer to why no "E" (or maybe that would be another accepted translation?? Which would help to know?)... Can we get a kumu here please?


    E uku i ke kāki kula was just accepted.

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