"They are not good leaders."

Translation:Mereka bukan pimpinan yang baik.

February 1, 2019

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Do I have to say, "Mereka bukan pimpinan yang baik" or is "Mereka bukan pimpinan baik" also correct?


i think that also ...


Why bukan not tidak here?


Because you are negating the noun pimpinan.


For reference to anyone else a bit confused, I understand that pemimpin and pimpinan have different connotations. Pemimpin is a leader in the way western cultures understand leadership, whether by occupation (like a CEO) or having the qualities of. It's used pretty broadly, but generally indicates someone possessing leadership (again, because of a job, or because of their skills/personality/etc.).

I think of pimpinan more as "boss" - it's just someone who has leadership because of their job. In this case, it can also have a negative connotation: They are not good leaders - therefore they don't have good leadership, and shouldn't be called a pemimpin. A pimpinan can have the qualities of a pemimpin, but sometimes a pimpinan is just another boss.

It doesn't help that there's been an effort to reclaim the word pimpinan as leadership, to stop the negative connotations around the government.


pemimpin should be accepted too


Why use baik and not bagus?


Any reason why adalah is incorrect even if not required?


The game is.so frustrating. Its got to a level where they need to.explain things. When and when not to use yang. Why is pemimpin not acceoted sometimes when they taught us that first etc etc


Pimpinan = leadership. Pemimpin = leaders. Please correct this, thank you.


r "pemimpin" accepted?

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