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"Dia berkunjung ke sekolah saya."

Translation:She visits my school.

February 1, 2019



Why ‘ke sekolah’. To visit implies movement!? If you pay a visit to someone? Of course, if she is walking around the school and inspect the place, it makes sense


"visited" was marked wrong. It should be accepted as there is no indication that "berkunjung" is in the present tense or past tense.


What's the difference between using the verb /berkunjung/ and /mengunjungi/ here (except if I were to use the second verb, then I would drop /ke/ from the sentence in order to make it grammatical)?

Is there a significant difference in meaning between /berkunjung ke.../ and /mungunjungi/, or is this simply an alternative grammatical way of saying the same thing?


Is melawat used - or only in Malaysia?

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