"Are you coming from the harbor now?"

Translation:Unatoka bandari sasa?

February 1, 2019

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Why does adding the question marker "je" to "unatoka bandari sasa?" make the answer incorrect? I mean, I wrote, "Je unatoka bandari sasa?" and was marked wrong. I strongly believe that response is absolutely correct!


Can you use "bandarini" here? If so, any difference between leaving it out and including it?


Bandari = harbor Bandarini = at the harbor

You cannot use bandarini here, cause then it would say: "Are you coming from at the harbor now?".


The native speakers say: Unatoka bandarini sasa. Kutoka means coming from, kuja come; The suffix "-ni" is always added when it refers to a place. It can mean "in", "at", "on", "to" or "from" E.g. watoto wamo chumbani, wanafunzi wanakula shuleni, tukutane kituoni saa tatu asubuhi, paka amelala kitandani, wakristo huenda kanisani;


Why is it wrong to say: Je, unatoka ... it is a question!


Exactly my point! It seems to me like the folks moderating this lessons don't know what they're doing really.


They probably do know what they are doing, but they are terribly overworked. For each question, there are very, very many possible correct answers, and each one needs to be entered. Languages that have been on DL much longer than Kiswahili still have the same problem.


"Mnatoka" is flagged as a spelling error. 20200411


"je mnatoka bandari sasa" was marked wrong 3/18/21. Will report.


I wrote "Unakuja bandari sasa?" and it is not accepted, but I don't know why. Isn't "kutoka" means "to leave" while "kuja" means "to come"? So in this case why do you use "kutoka" and not "kuja"?

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