"The development that is undertaken by the government must obtain the support of the society."

Translation:Pembangunan yang dilakukan pemerintah harus mendapat dukungan dari masyarakat.

February 1, 2019

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"dari" can be optional here, eg., "Pembangunan yang dilakukan pemerintah harus mendapat dukungan masyarakat".


I agree with your opinion.


"Pembangunan bahwa dilakukan oleh pemerintah harus mendapat dukungan masyarakat." How is "bahwa" innapropriate here?


I think that "bahwa" is used for the "that" that's used with verbs like "say", "believe" etc. (I say that, I believe that). In this case, "that" is creating a relative clause. I would suspect that you could say "yang", but I will defer to a native speaker's opinion on if this is true!

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