"The development of that building has been ongoing for three years."

Translation:Pembangunan gedung itu sudah berjalan tiga tahun.

February 1, 2019

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Should add the word "selama" between "berjalan" and "tiga" to read: "Pembangunan gedung itu sudah berjalan 'selama' tiga tahun."


My answer is "Pembangunan gedung itu telah berjalan selama tiga tahun" and flagged as wrong. 12/13/21.


I thought the same thing.


Agreed. "Selama tiga tahun" (for three years) or "Sejak tiga tahun yang lalu (since three years ago) is better especially in such a formal business context.

On another sentence forum, Duo's official Indonesian sentence was criticized by several native speakers.

  • "Istriku batuk sudah tiga hari." -- Duo's official translation

  • "Istriku sudah batuk selama tiga hari." -- Suggested by a native speaker

One of the native speakers there pointed out that the course developer is influenced by a regional dialect.


As a native English speaker, this sounds strange. So what are we talking about here? The planning for the building, or the construction of the building? The default English translation would generally be understood to mean either the planning stage, or a building that is being built in pieces (e.g. one wing at a time). If it is a general reference to construction, then "The construction of that building . . ." would be a better translation.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't "perkembangan" be an acceptable alternative


"Perkembangan" is not the right alternative because it means "growth". The root word "kembang" means "flower" or "blossom" (i.e. it's not a seed phase). If you replace "perbangunan" with "perkembangan", that means the construction of the building has been already completed, and now its business is growing. "Perbangunan" means "construction" or "development", and thereby the construction hasn't been done yet.

KBBI doesn't tell so much about it, but I believe "perbangunan" (membangun) can include both the planning and the construction phases as real estate development in English means exactly the same.


Google says berlangsung is ongoing. Im guessing i got it wrong because i used selama

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